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Fundamentals of Finance plays a very important role in the present market driven world.


Insurance is a form of risk management, primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent or an uncertain loss.


Business Investment is the commitment of money or capital to purchase any asset in order to gain profitable returns in the form of interest or income.

World Finance

World finance is a complex arena where developments are taking place at a fast pace. To understand what is happening around the world in the financial sector, it is imperative to get your hands on a magazine or portal that gives you broad economic coverage. At, you would get a comprehensive coverage of the global finance industry.

The site is a treasure trove for finance professionals, investors, and corporates. Besides, the lucid language would enable even the common man to understand the intricate world of global finance. Here you can get an in-depth knowledge about the various companies around the world operating in different domains such as investment, software, advertising, insurance and marketing. Get to know the top 500 companies that have made it to the “Fortune 500” list. The site provides comprehensive information on the global business outlook in the various continents of the world. Here you can access information on the world insurance sector, global banks, stock markets, top investment banks, stock trading and other financial sectors.

The site is updated from time-to-time so that the reader does not miss out on any important aspect. The articles presented are well researched and written by a team of experts. In all, you would get information about any aspect that you are looking for in the finance domain at

World Finance News

28th July : Federal Reserve decides not to raise interest rates

The Federal Reserve has decided against raising interest rates. Read more...

28th July : Robust smartphone sales help Samsung post its best quarterly results

Samsung Electronics has reported its best quarterly results in more than two years because of robust smartphone sales. Read more...

27th July : Apple sees a fall in iPhone sales

US tech giant Apple has reported a consecutive second quarter of plunging iPhone sales. Read more...

27th July : Twitter reports its slowest quarterly sales growths in three years

Micro-blogging site, Twitter, which is facing increasing competition from a number of social media sites, has reported one of its slowest quarterly sales growths in three years. Read more...

26th July : Verizon Communications to acquire Yahoo

Verizon Communications, an American telecom firm, will be acquiring Yahoo for approximately $5bn. Read more...

25th July : Philip Hammond begins discussions with China on a free trade deal

Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has started discussions with China on a free trade deal. Read more...

25th July : Nintendo’s shares fall

Following Nintendo’s announcement that the success of Pokemon Go would have a limited impact on the profits of the company, Read more...

23rd July : Nokia to make a comeback with two new Android 7.0 Nougat devices

A media report has revealed that Nokia will be making a comeback with two new Android 7.0 Nougat devices. . Read more...

23rd July : IMF chief to stand trial over €404 million payout

An appeals court has ruled that Christine Lagarde, the chief of the International Monetary Fund, will face trial over a state payout to Bernard Tapie, a French businessman. Read more...

22nd July : Mastercard to buy Vocalink

Mastercard, an American company, is buying Vocalink for around £869m. This is second major takeover of a British company by a foreign buyer. Read more...

22nd July : UK’s decision to leave EU leads to a fall in the economy

Data has revealed that the United Kingdom’s decision to depart from the European Union has resulted in a significant deterioration in economic activity. Read more...

20th July : Microsoft reports significant growth in its cloud computing unit

Microsoft reported that its cloud computing unit has achieved substantial growth. This has helped to boost the quarterly profits of the company. For the three months to June, Microsoft posted a $3.1bn profit which was much better than the $3.2bn loss reported for the same period the previous year. Read more...

20th July : Unemployment rate falls in the United Kingdom

Official figures have revealed that the unemployment rate in the United Kingdom has fallen to 4.9 percent which is the lowest since July 2005. Read more...

19th July : Paul Romer to take over as World Bank’s chief economist

Paul Romer, New York University economics professor, will be taking over as the next chief economist of the World Bank. The World Bank said that Romer would bring in a prominent voice supporting investment in innovation and human capital. Read more...

19th July : Video streaming company Netflix adds fewer subscribers than expected

Netflix shares have plunged drastically after the company added subscribers much lower than expectations ahead of US price rises. Read more...

18th July : Samsung to acquire stake in BYD

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, a leading South Korean electronics company, is currently in talks to acquire a stake in BYD, a Chinese automaker and electric vehicle battery maker. Read more...

18th July : Number of British shoppers visiting retail centers plunges after EU referendum

A survey has revealed that after the EU referendum, the number of British shoppers visiting retail centers and the high streets has plunged at its fastest rate in more than two years in June. Read more...

17th July : China’s economy witnesses growth in the second quarter of the year

The government of China increased infrastructure spending which witnessed a slight growth in its economy in the second quarter of the year.Media reports quoted China’s statistics bureau as saying that the country’s GDP expanded by 6.7 percent in the Read more...


In Capital market the government and companies raise long term funds to trade securities on the bond and the stock market. It consists of both primary and secondary market.

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The liberalization and globalization has given the opportunity to the companies for expansion across boundaries reaching for resources.


The Banking System provides a stable framework to a country's economic system. Banks provide various services to the different partners.


As a form of plastic money , credit cards enables you to buy products and services on credit. Know how credit cards work and what are the policies and guidelines involved in it.


Financial Institutions play a crucial role in supporting and strengthening the financial world and business activity. They provide wide range of financial services to different partners under government rules and regulations.


Focuses mainly on the financial operation of the company. The primary goal is to maximize the corporate value. There are various theories and techniques as to how to raise money for different projects.


Focuses on various types of taxes and the tax policy information. Taxation deals with various procedures through which taxes are imposed and government rules and regulations.


Stock Markets work as a business platform where companies and investors participate for capital gains. Modern Stock markets are institutionalized which can be a physical location or online.

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