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World Top Companies

Increasing acceptance of liberalization and globalization has given many global companies the opportunity for worldwide expansion. Seizing the moment, these top companies have stepped forward to attain global expertise.

These multi-national companies leveraged not only the technological competencies but also the natural resources in terms of labor, raw material and increased market reach. Now products can be produced at one place that costs less to the company and can be sold through out the world.

There exists a strong competition within the industries as every company wants to be successful in the market place. The companies adopted various strategies to capture the attention of the custoomer and gain their loyalty.

World Largest Companies Headquarter Location Map

World's Largest Companies
Rank Company Name Industry Type Headquarter Location Country
1 Exxon Mobil Oil and gas Houston United States
2 JPMorgan Chase Banking New York United States
3 General Electric Conglomerate Fairfield, CT United States
4 Royal Dutch Shell Oil and gas Rotterdam Netherlands
5 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Banking Beijing China
6 HSBC Holdings Banking London United Kingdom
7 PetroChina Oil and gas Beijing China
8 Berkshire Hathaway Conglomerate Omaha, Nebraska United States
9 Wells Fargo Banking San Francisco, California United States
10 Petrobras-Petróleo Brasil Oil and gas Rio de Janeiro Brazil
11 BP Oil and gas London United Kingdom
12 Chevron Oil and gas San Ramon United States
13 China Construction Bank Banking Beijing China
14 Citigroup Banking New York United States
15 Gazprom Oil and gas Moscow Russia
16 Walmart Retailing Bentonville United States
17 Volkswagen Group Automotive Wolfsburg Germany
18 Total Oil and gas Paris France
19 Agricultural Bank of China Banking Beijing China
20 BNP Paribas Banking Paris France

The business operation of many of the Companies over the world have become more global. The operations are no longer bounded by domestic walls. Companies now got the global market to operate. These top companies improved their operational execution efficiency, maintained their loyal customer base and able to fulfill the market demand by continuous innovation , development in product and services through the application of proper technical expertise, infrastructure. The synergy has introduced various sources of revenue & market for them.

Last Updated on : 22th July 2013

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