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Arcelor Mittal Steel Company

The Arcelor Mittal Steel Company was created on 25th of June, 2006 as a result of a merger which is regarded as a landmark in the history of steel companies. Post merger Arcelor Mittal Steel Company is the biggest steel company of the world.

As the largest steel company in the world ArcelorMittal presently employs more than 320,000 people in various capacities. ArcelorMittal is conducting business in more than 27 countries around the world. This makes ArcelorMittal an authentic global steel manufacturer.

ArcelorMittal is a leader in research and development. It also has access to considerable amount of raw materials and it possesses a large number of networks meant for distribution. ArcelorMittal operates in the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe and America. This helps them access different kinds of steel markets ranging from mature to emerging.

ArcelorMittal operates in the following markets all over the world:
  • Automotive
  • Household Appliances
  • Construction
  • Packaging

In the fiscal year 2006 ArcelorMittal earned $88.6 billion and managed to produce as much as 10% of the total production of steel in the world.
Following are the products provided by the ArcelorMittal :
  • Automotive
  • Flat
  • Stainless
  • Long
  • Wire
  • Pipes & Tubes

Following are the different types of flat steel products of ArcelorMittal:
  • Polymer Composites
  • Aluminized Type 1
  • Hot Rolled
  • Aluminized Type 2
  • Cold Rolled
  • Usibor (alumium with boron)
  • Electrical Steel
  • Galvalume or AluZinc
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Galfan
  • Hot Dip Galvanneal
  • Tinplate
  • Enameling Steel
  • Plate
  • Electrogalvanized
  • Pre painted or Organic coated
  • Electro Zinc-Nickel
  • Slabs

The following are the types of Long steel products of ArcelorMittal:
  • Wire Rod
  • Bar Flat
  • Leaf Spring Flat
  • Bar Hexagons
  • Merchant Bars
  • Bar Rounds
  • Mining Section
  • Bar SHQ
  • Rail
  • Bar Squares
  • Rails Accessories
  • Beams & Sections
  • Rebar
  • Blooms / Billets
  • Rod Processing
  • Casting
  • Round cornered square
  • Crane Rails
  • Sheet Piling
  • Crash Barriers
  • Special Bar Sections
  • Ingots
  • Special Section

Following are the services provided by the ArcelorMittal:
  • Construction
  • Steel Services Center
  • Distribution
  • ArcelorMittal International
  • Projects

Other Activities
The ArcelorMittal is also engaged in some other activities like the following:
  • Arcelor Logistics
  • Circuit Foil
  • Arcelor Real Estate France
  • Paul Wurth
  • Industeel
  • Paul Wurth Do Brasil

The contact details of ArcelorMittal are as follows:

Mittal Steel Company N.V.
15th Floor
Hofplein 20
3032 AC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 10 217 8800
Fax: +31 10 217 8850

Last Updated on : 22th July 2013

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