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Ministry of Finance Uganda

The Ministry of Finance Uganda is responsible for the supervision of the overall financial affairs and budgeting policies for the Republic of Uganda. The Ministry of Finance of Uganda is headed by the Finance Minister. The Ministry of Finance of Uganda is also known as the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development (MOFPED).
The principal objective of the Finance Ministry of Uganda is to build a healthy and strong Uganda with the help of steady economic and financial growth. At present, the Finance Minister of Uganda is Dr. Ezra Suruma.

The principal functions of the Finance Ministry of Uganda can be categorized into the following types:
  • General Duties
  • Investment
  • Privatization
  • Micro Finance and Enterprise Development
  • Planning

These functions are carried out by six ministers of state and they are the following:
  • Minister of State for Micro Finance and Enterprise Development
  • Minister of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development
  • Minister of State for General Duties
  • Minister of State for Planning
  • Minister of State for Investment
  • Minister of State for Privatization

The departments working under the Ministry of Finance Uganda are the following:
  • Aid Liaison
  • Economic Development Policy & Research
  • Finance & Administration
  • Infrastructure & Social Services
  • Inspectorate & Internal Audit
  • Macro Economic Policy
  • Public Administration
  • Tax Policy
  • Technical & Advisory Services
  • Treasury Services Department
  • Financial Management Services
  • Uganda Computer Services
  • Budget Policy & Evaluation

The development programs taken up by the Ugandan Finance Ministry include the following:
  • Investments
  • Financial sector reforms associated with capital market
  • Information management for the innovators and investors
  • Patronage to scientific research
  • Growing the accessibility of Micro-finance facilities for the poor rural people (both short term and medium term strategies)
  • Human resource development
  • Unity in the East African Customs Union

The autonomous agencies working in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance in Uganda are the following:
  • Uganda Bureau of Statistics
  • Uganda Development Bank Ltd.
  • Uganda Revenue Authority
  • Bank of Uganda
  • Capital Markets Authority
  • National Planning Authority (NPA)
  • Uganda Property Holding

The auxiliary institutions working under the Uganda Ministry of Finance are the following:
  • Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC)
  • Uganda Insurance Commission
  • Non-Performing Assets Recovery Trust
  • Non-Performing Assets Recovery Tribunal
  • Uganda National Council of Science and Technology
  • Tax Appeals Tribunal (TAT)
  • Population Secretariat
  • Departed Asians Property Custodian Board (DAPCB)
  • National Enterprise Corporation
  • Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority
  • Uganda Investment Authority

Contact Details:

Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development
Plot 2/12 Apollo Kaggwa Road
P.O. Box 8147 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: (256)-041-707000, 235051/4
Fax: (256)-041-230163

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