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UCO Bank

UCO Bank was incorporated in the year 1943. UCO Bank is one of the top commercial banks of India and this bank functions in the form of a nationalized bank. Over the years, UCO Bank has been providing a wide variety of excellent and convenient services to its customers.

The board of directors of UCO Bank comprises of people who are related to the world of finance. The following constitute the board of directors of UCO Bank:

  • Businessmen
  • Government of India Representatives
  • Management Experts
  • Reserve Bank of India Representatives
  • Economists
  • Accountants UCO Bank Deposit Schemes UCO Bank offers the following deposit schemes to its customers:
    • UCO Tax Saver deposit Scheme - 2006
    • No-frills Savings Bank Account
    • Flexible Fixed Deposit Scheme
    • Money Back Recurring Deposits
    • Special Deposit Scheme for Senior Citizens
    • Friend-in-Need Scheme
    • Current Account in Foreign Currency at its Indian Branches
    • Two-way Deposit Scheme
    • Fixed Deposits in Foreign Currency at its Overseas Branches
    • Lakshmi Yojana
    • Revised Minimum Balance Schedule
    • Kuber Yojana
    UCO Bank Loan Schemes The customers of UCO Bank can choose from the following loan schemes available for them:
    • UCO Shelter
    • UCO Rent
    • Education Loan
    • UCO Shopper
    • UCO Securities
    • Hirak Jayanti
    • UCO Real Estate
    • UCO Mortgage
    • UCO Emd Loan
    • UCO Nari Shakti
    • UCO Trader
    • UCO Pensioner
    • UCO Car
    • Krishi Yojana
    • UCO Cash
    UCO Bank Deposit Schemes for NRIs UCO Bank offers the following deposit schemes for the Non Resident Indians:
    • Foreign Currency Non Resident (FCNR-B) Deposits
    • Non Resident Ordinary (NRO) Deposits
    • Resident Foreign Currency (RFC) Deposits
    • Rupee Deposits
    • Non Resident External (NRE) Deposits
    Following are the main features of the Foreign Currency Non resident (FCNR-B) Deposits offered by UCO Bank:
    • Repatriability
    • Choosing the Term of Deposit
    • Tax Exemption
    • Automatic Renewal
    • Choice of Currency
    • Joint Account
    • Remit in any Currency
    • Power of Attorney
    • No Upper Ceiling
    • Nomination
    • Attractive Interests
    • Loans Available against FCNR Deposits
    • Large Number of Branches
    UCO Bank Loans to NRIs UCO Bank offers the following loans to the Non Resident Indians:
    • NRI Home Loans
    • Against Deposits
    UCO Bank International Banking The following services and products are offered by UCO Bank as part of their international banking services:
    • NRI Banking
    • Forex & Treasury Services
    • Foreign Currency Loans
    • Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) Deposits
    • Finance/Services to Exporters
    • Correspondent Banking Services
    • Finance/Services to Importers
    • All General Banking Services
    • Remittances

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    Last Updated on : 27th June 2013

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