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Colombo Stock Exchange

It is the major exchange in Sri Lanka and one of the most advanced exchanges in South Asia.

Presently there are 2 indices in the Colombo Stock Exchange:

  • The All Share Price Index (ASPI)
  • The Milanka Price Index(MPI)

After ceasefire agreement signed in 2001, the ASPI, floating near the 500 mark in August 2001, has now exceeded the 2000 mark. This has led the Colombo Stock Market to be known as one of the finest performing markets in the World.

During 2005 (for the earlier three years) ASPI's consistent annual growth was over 30%, which was a record.

Affiliation of Colombo Stock Exchange:
The Colombo Stock Exchange was the first exchange in the South Asian Region and the 52nd exchange of the World which was elected as a member of the World Federation of Exchanges (FIBV) in October 1998. The Colombo Stock Market was one of the creating members of the South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE).

Top Investors of Colombo Stock Exchange:
  • Asha Philip Securities.Ltd.
  • Ceylinco Stockbrokers(pvt) Ltd.
  • National Wealth Corporation Ltd.
  • First Capital Equities(pvt) Ltd.
  • Asiri Medical Services Limited
  • Property Development Limited
  • The Finance Company Ltd.
  • Seylan Bank
  • Singer(Sri Lanka) Limited
  • Autodrome Limited
  • Major Companies Listed
  • DFCC Bank
  • Marchant Bank of Sri Lanka Limited
  • Sierra Cables Limited
  • Asia Capital Limited
  • Ceylinco Insurance Company Limited
  • Central Securities Limited
  • ACL Cables Limited
  • Pan Asia Banking Corporation Ltd.
  • Madulsima Plantations Limited
  • Infrastructure Developers Limited

Guidelines for Investment in Colombo Stock Exchange

Colombo Stock Exchange operates a public gallery at the World Trade Center which is open to members of the public who are willing to invest in this exchange. It features
  • Online Trading Information
  • Connectivity to 13 Stockbrokers offers from the trading floor
  • Availability of representatives of three stockbroker firms on the trading floor for instant order execution and investment advice
  • Access to a range of historical market information, Colombo Stock Market publications and informational products

Location Details of Colombo Stock Exchange:
Colombo Stock Exchange
64-01 West Bloc,
World Trade Centre,
Echelon Square,

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