Offshore Investment Company

Many an Offshore Investment Company based in London and Ireland are presenting the investors the opportunity to put their money in the properties that are available over there. Any Offshore Investment Company places a lot of emphasis on collaterals as they tone down the level of risk involved.
Over the years limited liability companies have set up operations in other countries to become offshore investment companies. The main aim behind such moves has been to utilize the relatively convenient tax structures in place for outstation investors.

The most suitable countries in this regard are:

Hong Kong
British Virgin Islands

There are some companies or professional consultants who specialize in the domain of company formation services. These concerns or individuals help those concerns who wish to establish a business in another country. These company formation services providers are adept at helping these nascent companies to get around the various governmental legislations that act as a barrier in the progress of these companies.

Over the years the following have used offshore companies:
Marketing And Communication Professionals
Foreign Language Teachers
Executive Producers
Physical Trainers
Recruitment Consultants
Business Consultants
Television Producers
Private Film Makers
Website Designers
Fitness Coaches
Website Programmers
Life Coaches
Information Technology Consultants
Sports Coaches
Web Developers

The factor of offshore investing comes with the following advantages:
Commercial Services As Well As Sourcing
International Trading Facilities
Protection Of Assets
Minimization Of Taxes
Secure Property Rights
Virtual Offices
Nominee Services As Well As Directors
Better Environment For Business
Ownership Of Land And Properties

The offshore banks help their customers with credit cards. These credit cards could be used in all the ATM s throughout the world. These cards function like normal credit cards.

The offshore banks throughout the world offer the following services to its clients:
Money Transmissions
Currency Exchanges
Fund Management Services
Investment Management Services

The offshore banks could be offering more services but such facilities are dependent on the size of the respective bank. These banks usually carry out their business via the Internet

The biggest offshore investment companies are:
Tiger Tom
Fair Investment Company
Shelter Offshore

Last Updated on : 22th July 2013