ICICI Bank Credit Cards

ICICI Bank Credit Cards are offered by the second largest bank of India. All these cards are offered with different features that are designed according to the needs of the targeted customers.
The ICICI Bank is a major player in the Indian financial market. As one of the largest banks of the country, ICICI offers a wide range of services to the customers. Among these the credit card services of ICICI are very popular.

There are credit cards for almost every necessity of the client. This diverse product line expands the customer base of the bank as well.

Following are some of the credit cards that are offered by ICICI Bank:

•  Co Branded Cards


•  Affinity Cards


•  Value for Money Cards


•  EMI Card


•  Classic Cards


•  Premium Cards

EMI Card Features

The ICICI Bank EMI Card is a unique credit facility, where your monthly EMI Amount Due (EAD) is fixed. This EMI amount due per month is inclusive of all charges. Incremental purchases will not increase the due EMI amount to be paid by you. Only the tenure will increase proportionately. You can make any purchase up to the purchase limit and pay a fixed EAD, as applicable.
Special Features of the ICICI Bank Credit Cards
Most of these cards are provided with a number of special features.

Some of these features are as follows:

•  The revolving credit service charge is 3.15% for most of these cards


•  Some of these cards have international acceptance


•  Majority of these cards are either MasterCard or Visa Card


•  Forex services or travel check services are also offered by a number of cards


•  Balance transfer program


•  Revolving Credit services


•  Surcharge on fuel

Co Branded Cards of ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank offers most of the credit cards as Co Branded Cards. Some of these cards are as follows:


•  ICICI Bank – HPCL Silver Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank Bajaj Capital Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank King Fisher Airlines Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank – Megamart Credit Card

•  Punjab & Sind ICICI Bank Silver Card

•  ICICI Bank – HPCL Gold Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank Gold Card

•  Air Deccan Gold card

•  Central Gold Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank Big Bazaar Gold Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank Airtel Gold Credit Card

•  Silver Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank – Mohun Bagan Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank – Ebony Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank Airtel Silver Credit Card

•  Punjab & Sind ICICI Bank Blue Card

Premium Cards

The Premium credit cards offered by ICICI Bank provide a number of programs and special packages to the cardholders. All these cards charge different types of annual fees and interest rates. Some of these cards are as follows

•  ICICI BANK Travel Smart Gold Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank – Titanium Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank Platinum Premiere Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank Solid Gold Credit Card

•  ICICI BANK – American Express Gold Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank – Thomas Cook Titanium Credit Card

•  ICICI BANK Golf Card

•  ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card

Classic Credit Cards

The following credit cards are offered as Classic credit cards:

•  ICICI Bank Visa Mini Card

•  ICICI Bank Online Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank – American Express Green Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank Sterling Silver Credit Card

Value for Money Cards

•  ICICI Bank Cash Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank True Value Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank True Blue Credit Card

•  ICICI Bank True Value STAR Credit Card


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Last Updated on : 9th July 2013