Germany Money

Germany Money has a long history behind it as it is one of the first countries which started using notes amongst themselves. During the World War I some of the towns in Germany started issuing Germany Money which were actually low appellative in nature to solve the problem of small change.
As the World War came to an end these Germany Moneybecame very popular and was kept in collection by a lot of people. Issuing new types of money or notes was a very popular and easy way to collect money from the people.

These issued notes remained in use for some years and then they were taken off. But by this time the whole German Economy was devastated by a great amount of inflation.In the year 1923, then German Economy went through the worst inflation rate in the history of the country.

This made the prices touch new heights everyday and the government did not have the technology to print notes to cope up with the demand.
Few big companies started to print their own notes to pay the salaries and to pay suppliers their money. Many people through the help of these kind of German Notes were able to pay off their debts and other payments that occurred during the inflation.

One could also find the 500 and 200 Mark East German Notes during 1985 which were later destroyed by the German Government only after letting a few notes to go away from their bunkers.

Nowadays, the German Government uses the Euro which is used most of the countries in Europe. The Euro Germany Money replaced Deutsch Mark in the year 1999 when the European Union decided to have Euro as the common currency. This was the latest change in the Germany Money which has gone through so many changes throughout the 20th century.

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Last Updated on : 25th June 2013