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UK Information
It is important to have United Kingdom Information to know the economy of the United Kingdom in a much broader way. It is an important United Kingdom information that United Kingdom is actually the sixth ranked country if the purchasing power parity of Gross Domestic Product is kept in mind and if the exchange rate of market is kept in mind it is actually ranked fifth in the world.
Another important United Kingdom information is that it is the second biggest economy in Europe after Germany. The Capital of United Kingdom, London, is also one of the largest financial centers along with the city of New York. Another United Kingdom Information is that the economy of United Kingdom is also known as the Anglo Saxon Economy.

Another United Kingdom Information is that the Gross Domestic Product has been increasing at a very healthy rate. The Growth Rate upon the gross domestic rate was nearly 2.7 percent and the amount of the gross domestic product is more than $1.9 trillion. The per capita Gross Domestic Product was also more than $31,000 in the year 2006.
If we take a look at the United Kingdom Information about the labors we would know that there are nearly 30 million labors available in the country.
Among which 74 percent labors are related with services, nearly 1 percent labors are related to agricultural sector and the rest of 25 percent labors work in the industrial sector.

If the Gross Domestic Product is divided into various sectors then we would see that 1 percent of the GDP comes from agricultural sector, nearly 26.5 percent comes from industrial sector and the other 72.5 percent comes form services.

The import export business has a total amount of nearly $1000 billion dollar transaction among the countries and the main import export countries are USA, France Germany and others.

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Last Updated on : 25th June 2013