United States Census

United States constitution has made it mandatory for United States Census to carry out a nose count of the population of United States at an interval of 10 years. The data obtained as a result of nose count conducted by United States census bureau helps in giving an idea as to the number of seats present in every state participating in the House Of Representatives, allotment of services of the Government, districts voting.
Governments at the state level and industries which are privately owned used the information of data obtained as a result of United states census for several purposes.Information on population since 2000 is given in the United States Census database 2000. Population of Puerto Rico is also included in the United States Census database 2000.

The US census database 2000 conducted by the United States census bureau provides information in the following aspects:

Statistical information on the population in total
Population of common man below the age group of 18.
Counting of population by age.
Counting of population by gender.
Counting of population by race.
Counting of population by ethnic group.
Population change between the period 1990 through 2000.
The United States census conducted in 1990, throws light on the statistical data in the following spheres:

1. Population of Hispanics
2. Population of Whites
3. Population of Blacks
4. Population of Two, More races
5. Families and household
6. Gender
7. Population of citizens above 65 years
8. Age
9. Position pf United States Internationally
10. Housing features
11. Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian population.
12. Population of Alaska Native and American Indian
13. Population of Asians
14. Status of disability
15. Status of employment
16. Poverty
17. Values of home
18. Cost of housing renters
19. Population of Arabs
20. Educational accomplishment
21. Enrollment in schools
22. Occupation
23. Costs of owning house
24. use of language and ability to speak English
25. Marital status
26. Features of housing occupancy
27. Grandchildren living with grandparents
28. population of foreign born
29. Workplace journey
30. Household ancestry
31. Income of household
32. Hispanic origin and race summary
33. Change of population and distribution of population

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