United States Department Of Labor

United States Department Of Labor
United States department of laboris responsible for executing some of the most eminent United States department of labor policies in United States of America.United States department of labor implements labor policies in context of overtime, minimum wage, child labor, leave, wage necessities etc.,.
The United States department of labor retrieved as much as $171 in millions in back wage for approximately 246,000 workers in the financial year 2006.According to the regulation propounded by Federal government, Exchanges of labor throughout the state should be ascertained by the different States.

One should possess the undermentioned potentialities

1. Providing assistance to the individuals for getting a job

2. United States department of labor also facilitates the process wherein the employers are assisted in filling up suitable vacancies.

3. United States department of labor also helps to create a platform where the requirements of the employees and that of the employers are met with.

United States department of labor serves as a common meeting place for the individuals looking for jobs and individuals intending to recruit individuals.

In a nutshell, the United States department of labor works towards improving the working conditions an working environment of the wage earners of the United States of America.

United States department of labor consists of divisions which are eight in number.

The divisions of the United States department of labor

1. Bureau of International Labor Affairs

2. Employment and Training Administration

3. Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration

4. Employment Standards Administration

5. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

6. Mine Safety and Health Administration

7. Bureau of Labor Statistics

8. Veterans’ Employment and Training Service

Bureau of International labor affairs takes care of policies related to foreign affairs, development of foreign labor, development of United States labor etc.,.

Bureau of labor statistics is responsible for collecting data pertaining to labor economics.

Federal labor legislation is taken care of by the Employment standards administration agencies. The Employment standards administration agencies comprise of:

  • Wage and Hour Division
  • Office of Worker’s Compensation

Providing optimum conditions and ambiance for working with regard to ones security, safety and health is administered by the Occupational safety and health administration.

Occupational well being is extended to the working women by Women’s bureau.

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Last Updated on : 25th June 2013