United States Statistics

United States Statistics
United States Statistics is regarded as an overview of the status of United States with regard to the political, social, economic make up of United States.United States statistics can encompass a wide variety of spheres.

There are various statistical data related to different fields. Some of the United States statistics scenario is summed up as under.

American families:
United States statistics revolves around the changes which the families of United States of America have undergone over the last few decades.

This category of United States statistics has data which throws light on the statistics of married couples, gender, age, incidence of working couples who are married etc.,.

This category also shows statistical data on couples staying back at home and not opting for work owing to responsibilities at home.
United States Statistics of crime incidence

United States Statistics pertaining to crime may again be of the following categories:
Measures for preventing violent crimes
Rate of homicide on the basis of age
Rate of crime depending on the gender of the affected
Rate of crime related to property
Arrests made due to violation of drugs
Population correction national.
United States Statistics of education The statistical data relating to education throws light on a number of spheres.

It refers to data showing statistical data on doctoral degrees, number of students enrolling for engineering courses, doctoral award percentage, students enrollment in the science and engineering fields.

United States statistics educational data also conveys information on school/college dropouts, progress in academics, students opting for different careers etc.,.
United States Statistics demography
United States statistics demography consists of statistical data relating to the population of United States, population of the world, poverty, income of household, household riches, house ownership etc.,.
United States Statistics for health
United States statistics relating to health reflects information on matters like health coverage, life expectancy etc.,.


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