Auto Insurance Broker

Auto insurance brokers and brokerage houses represent the customers with their insurance transactions, unlike the insurance agent, who represents the insurance company. The auto insurance broker helps to choose the right policy from a heap of insurance policies.
Often, people buying auto insurances, directly from the company, finds themselves unable to choose the right type of insurance coverage for themselves. This happens because of lack of proper understanding of the terms, conditions and liabilities of the policy and unfortunately the policyholder gets no coverage, when it is needed most.

One should preferably take help from an auto insurance broker before buying a policy. There have been several lawsuits involving some insurance companies for their failure to offer under insured and uninsured motorists coverage limits matching the liability limits.

Now, in these cases, if the policyholder has bought the policy directly from the insurance company, the cases have gone in favor of the insurance companies. When a person is buying an auto insurance policy from an independent broker who represents several insurance companies, there is always the advantage of getting free advice, which are otherwise impossible to get.
The broker can evaluate the needs and then can provide options to choose the best insurance policy with manageable premiums. In this way one can get the best coverage at the lowest price.

There are huge insurance brokerage houses and in many markets, brokers provide non-life insurance as well as group life insurance and group mortgage insurance.

Services provided by insurance brokers are:
Pre sales and after sales service to the customers
Provides information on risk management and insurance itself
Suggests the best to a clients
Tries to minimize the loss and improve the risk management
Helps to assess the risk and decide the premium
Collects premiums

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