Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance or Commercial Automobile Insurance offers coverages for automobiles or vehicles if there is an accident when the vehicles are being used for the purpose of company business. The coverages are available for loss or damage to cargo or automobiles, injuries, or other property damages.
Having a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy is a matter of utmost importance because the commercial auto also needs protection like the personal auto. The simple reason behind that is if an automobile gets involved in an accident at the time of carrying out company business operations may not avail the coverage from a Personal Auto Insurance Policy.

The situation may get worse if an individual is charged for deceit if an automobile has been placed in a Personal Automobile Insurance Policy which is actually being used for business purposes. Commercial Auto Insurance offers a wide range of coverage for the commercial vehicles.


To select the appropriate Commercial Auto Insurance Policy, a large number of brokers and agents are there to help.
The coverage available under Commercial Auto Insurance can be applied for the following types of commercial vehicles:
Business-use automobiles
Pickup Trucks
Tow Trucks
Non-owned vehicles
Rented vehicles
Passenger automobiles
Tractor Trailers
Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage has the following features: |
The rates are available for a comprehensive variety of driver types and automobile usages.
Flexible payment options are available.
Coverage limits are available for up to $1 million.


Under Commercial Auto Insurance Policies, the following coverage are usually available:

Bodily injury
Property Damage
Underinsured/Uninsured motorists
Medical payments
Motor Truck Cargo
Commercial Auto Insurance has become quite popular because of its wide acceptability and excellent customer service. A cost-efficient Commercial Auto Insurance Policy offers competitive rates or quotes, superior insurance and hassle-free claims procedures. It safeguards a business from risks of liability and loss arising from the usage of company vehicles. The risk is transferred from the business to the insurance company.

The leading Commercial Auto Insurance Companies include the following:
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
Allstate New Jersey Property and Casualty Insurance Company
American International Group (AIG)
IDS Property & Casualty Insurance Company
Chubb Insurance Company
Liberty Mutual Group
National General Insurance Company
New Jersey Manufacturers Group
Palisades Safety & Insurance Association
State Farm Guaranty Insurance Company