New Jersey Car Insurance

New Jersey Car Insurance provides us information about the rules and regulations of Car Insurance in New Jersey. Car Insurance Regulations in the United States are subject to alteration from one state to another state. Three types of Insurance are compulsory for a car registered in the state of New Jersey.
They are the following:
Liability Insurance: In this arrangement, payment is made to some other person for damages caused by a person (if that person is responsible for the accident). No medical expenditure is covered in this Insurance.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Payment for medical bills are made to individuals injured in a motor vehicle accident who are covered by this policy. In many instances, it is known as �no fault coverage�. The medical expenditures are paid to an individual irrespective of the fault of that individual.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This coverage offers protection for an individual who has been involved in an accident with another person who has insufficient or no coverage.
The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) supplies details regarding a variety of Insurance Coverage Options that are available. There is no specification about the exact coverage limits, but the DOBI provides a form of basic minimum policy.
The Insurance Card
While buying the necessary Insurance, the Insurance Company provides an individual with a New Jersey Insurance Identification Card for every car, which the policy covers.

This card should be retained in the car and should be displayed:
Before the inspection of the vehicle
If that individual is involved in a motor vehicle accident
If that individual has made a traffic violation and he has been stopped by the policeman
If that individual is stopped by the policeman for spot checking
Driving without the Insurance Identification Card may lead to penalties and driving a car, which is not insured, may lead to penalties, insurance surcharges, community service, and suspension of license.
Insurance Fraud
According to New Jersey Car Insurance Regulations, supply of fake information to a Car Insurance Company at the time of placing a claim or tendering an Insurance Application is known as Insurance Fraud.

This may lead to:
Imprisonment of the fraudulent person
Civil penalties up to $15,000 for every violation
Cancellation of the driving license of the individual
The Leading Car Insurance Companies in New Jersey include:
AIG Auto Insurance
Allstate Group
Progressive Insurance Company
Geico Group
21 st Century Insurance
Esurance Insurance Company
Liberty Mutual Group
Amex Assurance Company
Atlantic Mutual Group