Travel Insurance Agency

Today most travelers like to be insured while traveling and this has added a total new dimension to the travel industry with many specialized agencies offering a combined package of travel and insurance services. With international travel at its peak numerous travel agencies have flourished in different parts of the world and the business seems to be growing by the day.
The services offered by the travel agency is not the same as it used to be since a lot of change has taken place in the way people travel. Travel related services are a versatile business as it involves personal interaction and real hard selling. Studies conducted by the travel industry have shown that most people use the Internet for information but end up booking their tickets with a real person who is either a travel agent or a customer service personnel at the supplier.

People only go on the internet when they know what they�re looking for.

A good travel agent can delight the customer by sharing their love of travel, informing them about the possibilities in a new destination and generally awakening in them a desire to take a trip.
Broadly there two major types of insurance offered by the travel insurance agency.

Individual travel insurance
This type of cover is designed for a single trip and it provides insurance cover to the traveler just for one trip

Annual travel insurance or multi-travel insurance
This type of cover is for people undertaking frequent trips wherein they can save substantially on their premium cost

However individual companies might offer different categories of insurance cover. For instance, the US based multinational travel insurance agency International Services Inc which offers a wide range of services has the following specialized services on offer:

International Medical Insurance
Short Term Insurance – Accidents & Sickness, Citizens, Green Card, H Visas
1 month to 1 year
Global health Insurance – Free Children coverage, Covered in all countries, Comprehensive upto $5 Mil
Student Medical Insurance – Pay Monthly/Quarterly, Meets Univ. Requirements, Many medical/dental options
US Immigrant Insurance – Maternity Coverage, Long Term Coverage, Coverage in all States

US J1 Visa Insurance – Satisfy Visa requirements, Meets University criteria, Good family coverage
Trip Insurance – Buy prior to departure, Coverage for entire trip, Medical, Dental, Baggage,
Pre-existing Condn. Coverage
Europe Travel Insurance – Satisfy Consulate requirements, Good insurance protection, Baggage protection
Nanny (Au Pair) Insurance – Meet visa requirements, Good insurance protection, Covered in all States
Group Medical Insurance – Single policy for many people, Travel Medical Insurance, Major Medical Insurance
International Services Inc can be contacted at:
Tel : 877.593.5403 (Toll Free)