AXA Travel Insurance

AXA travel insurances are highly beneficial, these insurances safeguard in case of financial damage during a travel. Traveling with a travel insurance coverage is a prudent idea and it considerably minimizes travel-associated risks. The frequent traveler or individuals who travel more than three times within a year can be eligible for a comprehensive multi-trip travel insurance.
AXA travel insurances offer comprehensive coverage and demand of AXA travel insurances are growing daily. Travelers can be in touch with the customer care executives in case of any requirements. Toll free customer care help lines are provided to the AXA travel insurance purchasers.

It is wise to have a clear idea about the different types of reimbursement that a standard AXA travel insurance provide:


Purpose Insurance coverage amount
Cancellation / Curtailment £3,000
Hospital Benefit £30 per complete 24 hours up to a maximum of £500
Medical Expenses £5,000,000
Baggage £1,500
Personal Accident £25,000
Delayed Baggage £100 after 12 hours
Legal Expenses £25,000
Missed Departure £500
Delayed Departure £25 per 12 hours up to a maximum of £200
Money / Passports £300 (£150 cash)
Personal Liability £2,000,000



There are different trip covers on offer; often the multi trip covers are cheaper than the single trip covers. Other than the single trip covers, there are few optional covers. For cancellation and curtailment, a comprehensive coverage of $300 is provided. Other lucrative ravel insurance covers offered by AXA Insurance are as follows:
Independent traveler cover
Winter sports cover
Business travel
Wedding cover
Golf cover


AXA travel insurance offer free online quotes and it is possible to make a comparative analysis of these quotes before grabbing one. To facilitate the customers in a better way, AXA Travel insurance offer customer care numbers and just by punching in these numbers it is possible to get assistance. AXA travel insurances have provided customers end-to-end travel insurance solutions.


The web portal of AXA travel insurance provides in-depth analysis about the different sort of travel insurances on offer and with a few click of the mouse it is possible to grab free online quotes. The claim process of AXA travel insurance is very much easy and simple.