Car Travel Insurance

Car travel insurance or vehicle travel insurance is a form of travel insurance. It offers coverage for financial losses or other types of losses occurring when travelling in a car. The coverage can be available both nationally and internationally if the car is travelling in a foreign country.
Travel insurance is that form of insurance, which provides coverage for financial or other types of losses occurring when touring from one place to another. It is applicable within a particular country and also outside that country or internationally. Travel insurance is generally planned when it is time for reservation of a trip.

Travel Insurance may cover only the exact duration of the trip or the coverage may be available in a more comprehensive and continued form. Usually, travel insurance companies, travel agents, tour operators, and cruise lines sell travel insurance.

Car travel insurance covers the following risks:

It provides protection to the driver, the owner, as well as the passengers in the form of a safety cover.

It provides compensation to the car owner if the car is damaged as a result of an accident.

Car Travel Insurance offers instant emergency medical facilities to the drivers and the passengers if there is an accident.

It offers full coverage in case of an accidental death.


The leading automobile insurers are offering comprehensive car travel insurance and by availing these Insurances, the Insurance Buyer can achieve a substantial coverage. In case of any unwanted damage with easy car travel insurance claim procedure, a considerable reimbursement is possible.


It is prudent to have an in-depth insight regarding the leading insurers who facilitate car travel insurance while individuals plan to use a car during a trip or travel. With a few clicks of mouse over the Internet, it is possible to get an overview about the most suitable car travel insurance options. While investing hard-earned money, it is a good idea to crosscheck the car travel insurance providers. In this era of E-Commerce, the best travel car insurance companies offer free-of-cost quotes.


A close comparative quote analysis ensures peace of mind and satisfaction. While offering car travel insurance, driving record of the insurance purchaser is thoroughly scrutinized. So, a good driving history provides a positive impact. It is necessary to have a thorough knowledge about car travel insurance claims before finally initiating the car travel insurance purchase.

The leading car travel insurance companies include the following:
Insure & Go Insurance Services Ltd
Forces Financial Life and Personal Accident Insurance
Norwich Union
Direct Line
First Alternative