Travel Insurance Coverage

During the early years travel insurance was seen as an extravagance although now it is an essential part of all tour and trip plans. Travel insurance has seen phenomenal growth in business over the years, like other forms of insurance. Traveling has always been an integral and essential part of human existence but never was it as intensive as it is now.
People travel for business, trade and commerce, they travel to see places, they travel to acquire education, they travel to participate in an event and they travel for healthcare and medical treatment apart from a host of other reasons. Seen in its entirety the collective travel industry is one of the biggest in the world of which travel insurance is an important part.

There are different types of products and services that are offered by travel insurance companies which are best suited to the typical requirements of the regular traveler.

But travel insurance customers have also evolved and do not always buy a policy without first judging the quality of what is being offered. This is because a majority of travel insurance policies are sold as a package which may include facilities that are already provided in their existing insurance policies and memberships.
Hence before signing up for a travel insurance plan it is important to properly study the package that is being offered and probe for any area of duplication with existing insurance policies or memberships.

It is also important to ascertain the financial strength of the company offering travel insurance because if a travel insurance organization is not able to pay the future claims or benefits promised in the plan, the very purpose of buying the insurance is lost. There are ratings that indicate the financial strength of a travel insurance company and a reputed travel insurance company markets the programs that are underwritten by reliable insurance companies.

Hence before signing up for a travel insurance scheme it is essential to:

  • Find out the level of coverage for every element along with the compensation amount
  • Find out the excess or deductible and ascertain the acceptable limits of any up-front payment
  • Find out the terms of payment for medical expenses and other bills before reimbursement.


Although the quantum of risks covered by travel insurance is very wide, broadly travel insurance covers 2 major areas:


Individual travel insurance

This type of insurance is designed for a single trip and it covers the traveler just for one trip
Annual travel insurance or multi-travel insurance

This type of insurance is for people undertaking frequent trips during a calendar year and the major advantage here is that the customer saves substantially on premium payment as his travels for the whole year is covered.


Travel Insurance Online

Most travel insurance companies have well developed websites for online business and enquiries. It pays to visit those sites as they offer a lot of information apart from the fact that the customer can buy the travel insurance online and pay for the same with his credit card.