Travel Insurance Europe

Travel Insurance Europe or Travel Insurance in Europe covers a large number of countries in the European Continent. It is a matter of prudence to have a Travel Insurance while traveling in Europe because any untoward incident or illnesses may occur to anyone.
Purchasing a travel insurance for visiting the countries in Europe is a worthy investment.Usually, the coverages offered by travel insurance companies in Europe include the following:

Trip Delays: If an individual falls ill on the way or misses a flight, this coverage makes the payments for additional travel and hotel costs.

Cancellation and Interruption of Trips: If there is an emergency ahead of the trip or during the trip, this type of coverage compensates for losses from payments made to tour operators and non-refundable airline tickets.

Medical Expenditures: If a person is facing problems due to high medical bills in another country, the Insurance Provider pays cash on behalf of that person and it will recover the expenses from that person’s Medical Insurance Company in his own place.


Loss of Baggage: This coverage pays for loss of baggage.


Damage to Baggage: This coverage pays for damaged items.


Emergency Medical Transportation: The Insurance Company makes arrangements and payments related to Emergency Medical Transportation.


A few other European Travel Insurance Policies offer coverages on:

Terrorism or Public Strife

Default by a Tour Operator


Two other special Insurance Coverages are also available.
They are:

Car Insurance: If an individual hires a car in Europe, the travel insurance policy will include a liablity insurance. However, that person might be held responsible for damages resulting from collision or theft if the person does not purchase a Car Theft Insurance (LDW) and a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Few Credit Card Companies provide this kind of coverage as a free-of-cost benefit, however, every Credit Card Company does not do that and this insurance may not be applicable to every country. For safety purpose, this coverage can be bought from the car rental company or a specialized Travel Insurance Company.


Homeowner’s Insurance: While a person is traveling, the standard householder’s policy provides coverage to some losses. However, limited coverage is available for valuables like jewelry and coverage for commercial equipments, for example notebook computers may not be available. Before carrying precious items on a tour, this should be clarified with the Insurance Agent.


The Leading Travel Insurance Companies in the European Continent include the following:
Norwich Union
Aviva Insurance
Zurich Insurance
Insure & Go Insurance Services Ltd
Direct Line
Columbus Direct
Insure My