Travel Insurance Ireland

Ireland has for long been a tourist destination offering a spectacular range of destinations and attractions with a proportionate level of personal risk involved in traveling to these places. Apparently the need for travel insurance has never been felt more than it does now with the amount of traveling that’s taking place.
Ireland’s weather and political situation is quite delicate and may result in indefinite postponement or abandonment of any travel plans. And even when the trip is on, there could be a number of situations requiring the traveler to be adequately covered.

There are quite a few general types of travel insurance that is available in the market and their coverage and limitations vary with respect to the insurance company issuing the policy.

Some of the general types of travel insurance are:

Trip Cancellation

This is the most important and common type of travel insurance covering non-refundable deposits or payments when a trip is interrupted or canceled due to unanticipated circumstances.


Trip Delay

This particular cover provides reimbursement for expenses incurred in the event of a delayed trip.


Sickness Medical / Accident Expenses

This particular insurance covers costs incurred due to illness or injury that may occur while on a trip.


Emergency Transportation / Medical Evacuation

This type of cover provides transportation in the event of a medical emergency during travel requiring transportation to a hospital or other medical facility.


Travel Supplier Default

This type of insurance covers payments or deposit loss due to the financial default of a travel supplier.


Personal Effects / Baggage Loss or Delay

This type of insurance covers losses due to items delayed during a trip, damaged or lost.

Anybody traveling to Ireland can get insurance depending upon the extent or the kind of travel that is undertaken, for instance:
Traveling with teens
Heritage travel
Student travel
Traveling with pets
Women traveling alone
Traveling with children
Holiday travel
Holiday travel with children

Ireland offers a lot of holiday options such as:

From the sunny southeast offering seaside recreation to Kerry, which is one of Europe’s top spa destinations or the numerous islands of Ireland with their abundant, craggy shores, dramatic beaches and ancient history.
Ireland’s dynamic business environment attracts thousands of business travelers every year along with many others such as students and patients all of whom require some form of travel insurance.