U.S.A Travel Insurance

Traveling in the USA could be a lengthy affair because the sheer size of the country is daunting and it is understood that insuring such travel could be no less daunting. This is true in view of the fact that travel agents sometimes make more money selling insurance than the holiday.
The latitudinal spread of the United States spans 3 time zones and contrasting geographical and topographical barriers. However one has to admit that the economic might of the United States has bridged these barriers to a level never imagined before. Therefore any travel insurance covering an individual traveling across the United States would always have to consider the scale of this huge country.

Travel insurance providers

Travel insurance is offered as an option by some travel agencies and travel suppliers along with travel services bought from them.

For instance, hotwire.com offers trip cancellation and interruption and supplier default insurance for 4 % of the cost of tickets purchased from Hotwire. On the other hand airtreks.com offers links to a selection of travel insurance policies that suit the needs of long-term, independent international travelers.

For travelers in the US whose travels span six months or more, or those that plan to travel regularly throughout the year, combining travel coverage with regular health coverage may turn out to be cheaper. Travelers could check with their regular insurance agent as many such agents handle travel insurance, especially long-term comprehensive travel medical insurance.


However the US traveler should ideally purchase travel insurance from specialists in the field. These include travel insurance companies, direct providers of Medevac and travel emergency services, and independent travel insurance brokers and agencies. Some of the major travel insurance companies covering US travel are:


International Medical Group (IMG)

Covers Comprehensive travel medical insurance which is expensive but genuinely comprehensive coverage. IMG is the primary provider of medical insurance for Peace Corps volunteers, and a leading insurer of missionaries and other expatriates from the United States living and traveling in third world countries.



The company is based in Australia, but covers citizens of any country traveling anywhere outside their country of citizenship. The packages designed by this company are ideal for long-term international travelers who do not have any other health insurance and it covers bundled package including medical evacuation, emergency medical and trip cancellation and interruption.



It is ideal for travelers who want a company with regional staff to help them if things go wrong, or if they want coverage for the default of any airline or travel supplier. The company offers emergency medical, Medevac, Trip cancellation and interruption, supplier default. Additionally Travelex operates currency exchange and travel service offices in each major world region.