Mergers and Acquisitions History

Mergers and Acquisitions History can effectively help in gathering information about the significant mergers and acquisitions of the world.
Mergers and Acquisitions History often surprises us as we come to know that the concepts of Mergers and Acquisitions are not new, on the contrary they are continuing from the early years of history. Mergers and Acquisitions History helps us to understand the evolution of the concepts of Mergers and Acquisitions in the world. If we involve in the detailed analysis of the History of Merger of Acquisitions, we will find that Mergers and Acquisitions started to take place in the world from very early years.

US Mergers and Acquisitions History

In USA, mergers and acquisitions started in twentieth century. After that Mergers and Acquisitions continued to occur in cycle. These cycles of Mergers and Acquisitions, took place in USA in 1929, in the last half of 1960s, in the first half of 1980s and again in the last half of 1990s. Here, it should be mentioned that, by cycle we are referring to the period, in which the maximum number of mergers took place.

Among the mergers and acquisitions cycles cited above, the most significant mergers of USA took place in the last half of 1990s. The reason of this was that, the stock market was quite strong in US in that period and this strong stock market supported the high incidence of mergers and acquisitions. The mergers and acquisitions of this period involved big brands and huge amount of dollars.

Significant Mergers and Acquisitions of the History

In 1987, an Australian Company named Stephen Jaques Stone James, which was a partnership company with 79 partners, merged with the company named Mallesons. After the Merger, the new joint company was known as Mallesons Stephen Jaques. This Merger contributed significantly to the telecommunication sector development in Australia.
In 1988, Tower Federal Savings Bank of Indiana acquired two financial institutions of Michigan. Then in 1991, the Standard Federal Bank strengthened their position in Ohio by acquiring a financial institution of Toledo. These two acquisitions had great impact on the banking Sector of USA.
In 2001, a merger between Association of European Universities and the Confederation of European Union Rectors’ Conference took place in Spain. This merger provided more power to the University community of Europe.


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