International Mergers and Acquisitions

The opening up of the European countries to International mergers and acquisitions and the economic reforms in developing countries provided major boost to international mergers and acquisitions since the 1990s.

Foreign investment gets major impetus from international mergers and acquisitions. While there are various advantages of international mergers and acquisitions, certain impediments in the form of regulatory restrictions also exist.

The adoption of economic reforms in many countries in the last two decades of the 20th century opened up opportunities of international mergers and acquisitions. With different countries opening up their economies to foreign investors, international mergers and acquisitions has received. The European economy also opened up to foreign mergers and acquisitions in the 1990s, which resulted in M&A (merger and acquisition) activities of large volumes taking place across Europe.

While USA has always been the pioneer in merger and acquisition activities, UK too has registered high levels of mergers and acquisitions. With the European countries gaining momentum in mergers and acquisitions, international mergers and acquisitions also received a major boost.

There are various benefits that accrue to firms that undertake international mergers and acquisitions. Cross border mergers and acquisitions are effective in boosting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). For international investors, it is easier to invest through a merger or an acquisition. International mergers and acquisitions provide access to infrastructure and customer base in a country which is quite difficult to build from the scratch. Moreover an existing brand name in a country provides strong business edge. Access to local markets of different countries is possible through international mergers and acquisitions.

With the developing countries adopting liberal economic policies, the incentives of firms in the developed nations to indulge in mergers and acquisitions in these countries are huge. International mergers and acquisitions provide a way to tap the markets of these countries. On the other hand, for these developing countries international mergers and acquisitions provide them access to improved technologies and more productive operative mechanisms.

However there are certain impediments to international mergers and acquisitions. Regulations of different countries play an important role. In some countries certain sectors are prohibited from international mergers and acquisitions, while for some other sectors certain conditions need to be fulfilled. In China, for instance, laws regarding international mergers and acquisitions are quite stringent.


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