Arizona Mortgage Banker

Mortgage banker is a financial institution, which initiates mortgages on its own and is actively engaged in trading those in secondary market. But mortgage brokers are self-employed professionals who introduce the borrowers to the lenders.
The advantage with the mortgage bankers is that they offer their clients direct loan approvals without involving middlemen. It makes the financing process more precise. Mortgage Bankers Association in Arizona was established in the year 1958 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Later in the year 1999 its name was changed to the Arizona Mortgage Lenders Association (AMLA) for expanding its domain to cover mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, credit unions, government agencies, non-profit organizations, wholesale lenders and the companies which are engaged in providing affiliated services to the mortgage industry in the state.

AMLA has been fulfilling the needs of mortgage lenders and professionals in the field of Arizona real estate financing. It provides educational opportunities to its members, encourages legislation favorable to the Arizona mortgage industry.
At the same time it promotes healthy business practices among its members. AMLA also put its efforts to extend homeownership facilities to the under served residents of Arizona. Another major objective of AMLA is to boost professionalism and business standards of the Arizona mortgage lending industry.