Online Mortgage

Online Mortgage solutions are widely offered by leading financial service providers in this era of electronic commerce and online communication. Cost of housing has not always been within the immediate affordability of human beings. There are several Online Mortgage providers who have simplified the process of purchasing a house or a real estate.
With a few clicks of mouse it is now possible to checkout exact individual’s eligibilities of buying a home. Within busy schedule of daily life it has been difficult for individuals to drop down to the banks or financial organizations to seek a mortgage or a home loan. Online Mortgage facilities have facilitated quick and fast mortgage application.

Online Mortgage is loan for buying a property and the existing loan becomes invalidated after re-payment in accordance to the specific terms and conditions. According to Webster dictionary, ( is: �A conveyance of or lien against property (as for securing a loan) that becomes void upon payment or performance according to stipulated terms�. In countries like U.S.A, U.K and Australia the term Online Mortgage is highly popular and in India it is called Online Home Loan. There are certain eligibility criterion that needs to be fulfilled by the applicant to be eligible for availing the Online Mortgage option.
Online application processed faster than the conventional paper based mortgage applications.

The web portals are highly interactive and provides a clear insight about the following factors:

The initial down payment (the initial money to be deposited to the lender)
Tenure of repayment (Period of repayment)
Rate of interest/Annual Percentage Rate
The applicant’s occupancy period if the mortgaged property (the tenure of borrower s stay in the mortgaged property)
In United States, Australia and across different nations of Europe individual’s credit score and credit stature are scrutinized while approving an Online Mortgage application. Moreover, the entire document and physically checked before the final mortgage approval. The Annual Rate Percentage (ARP) is often determined by creditworthiness. In United States, the latest fixed rates (APR) of Online Mortgage are as mentioned in the table below:

Period of Mortgage Rate of interest
15 Years 5.87%
30 Years 6.16%
1 Year 5.88%


Some of the major Online Mortgage providers are as follows:

HSBC Loans,
Wells Fargo Financial Bank
Secure Loans USA
J.P. Morgan Chase
Prudential Financial
Commonwealth Mortgage

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Last Updated on : 24th August 2013