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Mortgage online or online mortgage refers to the process of obtaining a mortgage loan over the internet or online. Nowadays, a large number of people buy their houses by taking mortgage loans. Mortgage is simply a process by which an individual or a commercial entity can buy a house or business equipments without the requirement of total payment.
A mortgage is a loan given to a businessman or individual for buying a real estate. In case of mortgages the real estate functions as a collateral to the loan.

The parties involved in a mortgage transaction can be categorized into two types:

  • The borrower of the mortgage loan is known as the mortgagor
  • The lender of the mortgage loan is known as the mortgagee

The mortgage transaction is comprised of two parts:

  • The mortgage which is also termed as the pledge
  • The promissory note which is the promise of repayment


The different forms of mortgages are categorized and defined according to their relations with the type of property, land, hereditaments, tenements, personal chattels etc.

The mortgage quote can be termed as the total benefits and costs associated with a mortgage. A mortgage quote has certain benefits over a simple mortgage rate because it focuses on a number of factors related to a mortgage which includes the following:
The capability of an individual with regards to repayment of the loan
The credit rating of an individual
The interest on the property
The estimated valuation of the property
The reverse mortgage amount if the houseowner wishes to get the remainder of the equity out of the house and exchange with a lump sum amount or a series of payments

There are various ways of receiving a mortgage quote which may include searching with the help of a mortgage broker or directly communicating with a mortgage lender.

Nevertheless, with the advent of Internet, people are increasingly realizing the advantages of receiving a mortgage quote from the Internet. Receiving free and instant mortgage quotes over the Internet saves valuable time and also facilitates hassle-free selection of the right kind of mortgage. The details available from online mortgage quotes include the requisite monthly payments, the rate of interest, the terms and conditions of the product, and availability of special offers and discounts.


With the help of online mortgage quotes the most appropriate deal with the cheapest mortgage rate can be selected. The necessity of online mortgage quotes has increased because the mortgage lenders have diversified their products and they are providing a variety of services, for example home purchase, mortgage refinance, home equity, as well as debt consolidation loans. The important mortgage lenders offer mortgage quotes and the borrower has to enter information related to the type of property, the location of the property, the expected amount of mortgage, the expected rate of interest, the opted mode of repayment, and his credit rating keeping aside the factoring for receiving the loan.


There are plenty of websites which offer online free mortgage quotes. They also provide services related to pre-qualification of loans, as well as remortgage deals. The remortgage deals facilitate to decrease the monthly payments by alternating the existent mortgage with another mortgage lender.


Online mortgage quotes is the speediest and easiest method of receiving the most suitable mortgage deal. It takes just a matter of minutes to match a person’s preferences with his abilities.


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Last Updated on : 24th August 2013