Future Option

Future option is an option available on a future contract. Besides mutual funds, stocks and bonds, Future Option is another important option of investment. The futures contract come with the guarantee that a transaction will happen at a certain point in time in the future. This option is applicable to both financial and commodity instruments.
The settlement of the futures contract takes place in cash. Futures option can always be highly volatile and risky.

The regulatory agencies of futures option are as follows:

Commodity Futures Trading Commission: This agency acts as a safeguard against frauds and thus promotes a sound and efficient business environment.

National Futures Association: This makes available a Background Affiliation Status Information Center where the investors can check the registration status of a firm.

The futures contract contains the following items:
The exact date of delivery
The quality and quantity of the underlying product
Settlement location
Minimum change in price
Price quotations on the units
After the confirmation of trade between the two parties involved in the trade, the exchange house becomes the guarantor and counter party to the trade. Any member of the exchange can reverse a futures option contract. When the prices of the futures contract are more than the spot price, the market is known as a Contango market. The opposite phenomenon is termed as Backwardation.

Individuals and firms gain a hedge against a risk in wide price through the use of future option. Speculators with limited liability can gain profits in such situations. No up front costs are required for futures contracts while options contracts require immediate payments on entering. Options trading has its share of risks, but a proper knowledge of the nuances of the trade makes the task much easier. The option is a contract, which confers upon a person the right to buy and sell a given amount of an asset at a specific price, within a fixed time.

Future Option