Risk Management Process

Risk management process refers to the different types of methods and procedures that are utilized for risk management. The process of risk management involves a number of steps and it helps in the betterment in decision-making on a continuous basis.

About Risk Management Process
Risk management is a function that incorporates identification of risk, evaluation of risk, formulation of schemes to handle risks and reduction or elimination of risk utilizing a number of methods. Risk management process is an important task for the managers of an organization.

It is an orderly implementation of management policies, processes and methods towards the function of establishment of context, identification of risk, analysis and assessment of risk and handling of risk.

The process of risk management comprises a number of steps and they are carried out in a sequential manner.

Process of Risk Management

The procedure of risk management can be elaborated as follows:

Establishment of context

This step includes the following sub steps:
Identification of risk in a particular area of interest
Planning the remaining part of the procedure
Representing the following: the societal ambit of risk management, the targets and identity of shareholders, and the base of assessment of the risks and restraints
Delineating a model for the function and a schedule for recognition
Formulating an assessment of the risks included in the procedure
Mitigating risk utilizing the accessible human, organizational and technological resources
Identification of risk

Usually, the risk identification methods include the following:
Risk identification on the basis of scenarios
Risk identification on the basis of objectives
Common-risk checking
Risk identification on the basis of taxonomy
Risk charting

Besides these, two methods are also utilized for the purpose of identification of risk and they are the following:
Source analysis
Problem analysis
Analysis or evaluation of risks
Treatment of risk or handling of risk

Risk can be handled in a number of methods, which include the following:
Risk reduction (also known as risk mitigation)
Risk avoidance (also known as risk elimination)
Risk transfer (also known as purchasing insurance)
Risk retention


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Last Updated on : 8th July 2013