Stock Trading Investment

The Stock Trading Investment refers to the different methods of stock market trading or stock market investing. A stock trader is a person or a firm which is involved in buying and selling of stocks in stock markets in their principal capacity.
The principal aim of stock traders is to gain from short-term price changes in stock trading taking Stock traders implement the theories of fundamental analysis and technical analysis. They also utilize a number of resources, which provide valuable information to them.

Some of the resources they use include the following:
The Wall Street Journal
MSN Money
CNN Money
Yahoo! Finance
Google Finance
Thomson Financial

The different types of methods that are implemented for stock trading investments include the following
Day trading: In case of day trading, the buying and selling of stocks is done within a single day so that the number of shares held at the end of the day is not changed.
Swing trading: The swing traders hold the stock for a medium time period, for example 1 or 2 days or 1 or 2 weeks and the stock is traded according to the intra-month or intra-week varitions or movements between optimism and pessimism.
Market making: In case of a market making, both purchase and sales price of a stock is quoted by a market maker in order to earn a profit from bid/offer spread or turn.
Momentum trading: It is another name of swing trading market


Stock Trading