Georgia Inheritance Tax

Georgia inheritance tax or inheritance tax in Georgia has been replaced by an estate tax. The Georgia estate tax is collected from the estate of decedents. There is no gift tax in Georgia. The estate tax in Georgia is linked with the Federal estate tax. In some instances, it is known as the death tax.
As per section 2011 of the Internal Revenue Code or IRC, the estate tax amount is equal to the amount of state death taxes credit. The payment of estate taxes in Georgia can be implemented to decrease the amount of estate taxes which are outstanding to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) or to the Federal estate tax.

The outstanding amount can be determined by consulting the directions for preparing the Federal Form 706. In Georgia, there is no separate form for filing estate tax returns.

For the following conditions, a copy of Form 706 or United States Estate Tax Return has to be filed:

The Internal Revenue Code is permitting a state death taxes credit for the year in which the date of death falls. If the Internal Revenue Code does not permit a state death taxes credit for the year in which the date of death falls, then there is no requirement for a duplicate return to be filed for the deceased.
If the deceased was a Georgian resident or the deseased was not residing in Georgia, but possessed property based in Georgia.
There is no requirement for filing the Georgia estate tax if there is no requirement to file an estate tax return with the Internal Revenue Service.
A copy of Form 706 has to be filed on the same date on which the original form 706 is filed with the Internal Revenue Service. The forms are available from the IRS.

Contact Details:
Georgia Department of Revenue
Estate Tax Section
1800 Century Center Boulevard, N.E.
Suite 15311
Atlanta, GA 30345-3205
Tel: 404-417-4477

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Last Updated on : 5th July 2013