Tax Relief

The tax authorities all over the world are trying to provide the taxpayers with the opportunity to gain tax relief through a wide variety of tax relief plans. The tax relief service providers are able to save their clients from varying problems related to tax. The tax relief service providers take care of all the tax related problems of their clients.


A few of them are:
Offer in Compromise
Back Taxes
Threat of Levy
Unfiled Returns
Need of Installation Agreement
Missing Records


The tax relief service providers are adept at providing a lot of services, some of which are as follows:
Arranging Levy
Stopping Wage Garnishment
Obtaining Missing Records
Stopping Bank Levy, Tax Levy and Property Seizures
Preparing Federal and State Unfiled Returns
Stopping Unbearable Monthly Payments
Arranging for Installment Agreements
Removing Penalties, Interest, and Tax Lien
Negotiating Offers in Compromise
Settling State and Business Payroll Tax
Settling Tax Debt for a Fraction of the Debt
Some of the tax relief service providers offer consultancy services to the prospective as well as existing clients but do not charge any fees for it. These companies are able to recognize the various tax problems faced by the taxpayers and offer precise solutions that are supposed to solve them.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, a lot of individual as well as institutional taxpayers face problems with back taxes, unpaid taxes as well as yet to be filed tax returns. There are as many as 20% of taxpayers according to official statistics, who are either negligent about the payment of their taxes or filing the returns.

Over the years the tax relief firms have helped the self-employed in various ways. The taxes of the self-employed people are normally not deducted at the source unlike others and hence they need to pay their income taxes after every three months a year.

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Last Updated on : 5th July 2013