Neopets Trading Cards

Neopets Trading Cards are very popular with children, teenagers, and adults. A wide range of cards are available to play in online games. Each player gets the opportunity to build the deck of Neopets Trading Cards. The virtual game provides a wide range of trading cards and one can select cards from these collections.
The Neopets Trading Card company was formed in 1999 by Donna Williams and Adam Powell. The game they invented contains cards which offer a number of characters that are created by combining the Neopia and other popular trading card games. There are nearly two hundred thirty four cards offered. Each pack comes with eighty eight cards.

When an online player starts playing the game, he gets the opportunity to use fifty Neopets Trading Cards. There are ten basic Neopets Trading Cards that are common to all players. Apart from these ten cards, the players can use forty other cards from his own deck. The players are also able to modify his or her deck of trading cards.

Below are some of the trading cards provided by Neopets:

Equipment Card:

The Neopets are provided with bonus points collected by the equipment cards Hero Card. By using the Hero Card, the player can introduce the hero in the game at any point in time.

Villain Card:

The purpose of a Neopet game is to defeat the villain that is represented by a particular card.

Item card:

Similar to the Equipment Cards, these cards are used during a contest.

Something Has Happened Card:

When this card is played the player must inform the opponent about its use.

The main goal of the players is to make their Neopets superior in intelligence, strength, etc. If the Item Card or the Equipment Card has collected twenty-one points successfully, then the player wins the game.

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Last Updated on : 18th July 2013